Agape Counselling and Training Services (ACTS)

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Courses We Offer

 Please learn more about all the courses we offer at Agape Counselling and Training Services (ACTS). We provide classes for almost every level of learning, so find the one that’s right for you!

Why Study at ACTS?

  1. ACTS is the pioneer counselling training institution in the region and boasts of a wealth of experience and a bank of professional competent trainers in the field.
  1. ACTS’s approach of experiential learning often sets the stage for individual psychological healing and a sense of personal satisfaction.
  1. ACTS certification is jointly offered with Great Lakes University of Kisumu and is recognized by other learning institutions as well as the various organizations offering developmental and psychosocial services in the region.

Peer Counselling and Behavior Change Communications Seminar

Our Peer Counselling and Behavior Change Communications Seminar is a program that we bring to secondary schools in the Western Kenya area. This intensive three-day program targets adolescents in and out of school who are facing developmental and psychosocial changes and struggles. Our goal in this program is to empower youth with intervention skills to help their peers to manage the struggles of academics, adolescence, relationships, sexuality, and to develop psychological wellbeing.

Certificate in Counselling Psychology

ACTS offers a four-week long course to obtain a certificate in counselling psychology. This course equips the student with practical counselling skills that are founded on a greater sense of self-awareness and interpersonal relationships. This course is invaluable for any individual working or intending to work in social health institutions in the formal and informal sectors, or with community groups. This certificate course has minimum entry requirements of a C- in the ‘O’ level examinations.

Diploma/Higher Diploma in Counselling Psychology

ACTS offers a one year course to earn a Diploma or Higher Diploma degree in Counselling Psychology. Besides equipping the student with necessary counselling skills, the course further builds on the experience and exposure of the student by delving deeper into research to endow the student with quantitative, qualitative, and analytical skills in the social science field. This course is constructed for individuals who are already practicing counselling as social workers, individuals in the teaching profession, and individuals desiring to pursue higher education in the social sciences. Minimum requirements to enroll in this course is an ‘O’ level examination grade of C or its equivalent/C- with at least 1 year work experience in related field, or a certificate in counselling/social work/community development, or a degree in any discipline from recognized institutions.

5 Day Basic Course in Counselling

ACTS offers a five-day long basic counselling course to cover the fundamentals of psychological counselling. This course equips social and community workers as well as Guidance and Counselling teachers with basic counselling skills. These skills enable them to function proficiently as care-givers and mentors, and to offer psychosocial support to their clients and community members. This course is designed for social workers, community workers, caregivers, teachers, and youth groups.

Team Building Workshops

 ACTS provides team building workshops for numerous businesses in the community. These workshops increase the capacity of the organization’s staff to function a team, develop cordial work relations, and improve effective service delivery while increasing workforce productivity. These workshops are helpful for the staff of organizations and institutions in the area. The duration of this workshop varies depending on the needs of the client, and one-day, two-day, and three-day workshops are all offered.

Leadership Training Seminar

ACTS offers a Leadership Training Seminar that equips individuals with leadership and mentoring skills to enable them to provide competent leadership and guidance. With this training, our students become capable to lead their organizations in achieving their goals. This course is targeted to business executives, program and project leaders, institution heads, teachers, prefects, community workers, and caregivers. The duration of this seminar varies depending on the needs of the students, and one-day, three-day, and five-day seminars are all offered.