Agape Counselling and Training Services (ACTS)

Our Vision: A healthy society where individuals are empowered to determine their future and guide their own lives. Come, let's reason together...

Please Donate

You can donate to any of our programs and sponsorships through our PayPal account.



What your money goes to...

Girl Child  Advocacy Mentorship and Sanitary Towel Project: $60/yr or 600 ksh/year to sponsor one girl child.

Door-to-Door VCT visits: $150/day or 10,000 ksh/day to sponsor door-to-door voluntary counselling and testing visits for HIV/AIDS

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support Program: $35/month or 3,500 ksh/month to support a child’s education, food, housing, and general upkeep.

Peer Counselling Training sessions: $500/session or 39,000 ksh/session to sponsor a 3 day peer counselling training session for youth in secondary schools.

One time donations can also go to the funding of our Peer Counselling Training Sessions, and for the general upkeep of our office. We are a non-profit organization.

We welcome any donated amount, so don't feel restricted by the amounts listed above!

Please read about all of our programs in depth on our other pages. Feel free to email us at with any questions you may have! 


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