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Our Vision: A healthy society where individuals are empowered to determine their future and guide their own lives. Come, let's reason together...

The ACTS Rabour Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) Center

Due to the high prevalence of HIV and AIDS in Nyanza province, ACTS and the Center of Disease Control (CDC) jointly conceptualized the need for putting up a Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) center in the Kisumu East District.  Our center was constructed with the goal of reducing the spread of HIV and AIDS in the adjacent parts of Nyanza province.  Thus, the Agape Rabuor VCT center, which is a stand-alone center situated in Kadibo Division, Kisumu East District, was set up and launched on 9 November, 2005 with the support of (CDC). It started offering full VCT services on 10 November, 2005.  It offers full VCT services to eight locations and nineteen sub-locations with the population of about 100,000 people.


  1. General counselling
  2. Voluntary counselling and testing at the site
  3. Home Based testing and counselling
  4. Counselling and testing outreaches
  5. Public dialogue/theater group
  6. HIV/AIDS awareness


Our most notable success realized thus far is the counselling and testing of clients through the services offered by the VCT center. We continue to achieve this success through community outreach with our ACTS Theater Group on Behavior Change Communication, door-to-door VCT visits, knowledgeable and professionally-trained staff, and an accessible VCT center.


The major challenges we face stem from the technicalities of running the project without funds.  Our current staff at the VCT site is comprised completely of volunteers.  The VCT site catchments area is relatively large, and so there is need for mobile outreaches and home-based counselling and testing that can reach the rural areas.  Funds are always needed to facilitate the continued operation of our programs, which are especially dependent on the following:

-         Paying salaries

-         Mobile VCT

-         Running daily activities of the office

-         Home-based counselling and testing

What We Have Learned

-         Many people are willing to know their status, especially when there are VCT services available nearby

-         Currently, there is a lot of inaccurate information about HIV/AIDS in rural areas, a problem which the existence of our VCT center helps combat

-         The rate of HIV/AIDS infections in Kadibo is relatively high

-         There is a serious need for a well structured home-based care program for HIV/AIDS

Staff Members at ACTS Rabour VCT Center

Agape Rabuor VCT has a staff of three counsellors:

1.      James Otieno Ogolla

2.      Dorcas Atieno Ondiege

3.      Maureen Achieng  Ochieng

Our counsellors are professionally trained and specialized in the area of HIV and AIDS.


James Otieno Ogolla

Professional Training

-         Higher Diploma in Counselling Psychology

-         Certificate in HIV and AIDS Care and Management.

-         Certificate in Counselling Psychology

-         Kenya Accounting Technician Certificate (KATC)

Other Training

-         Couples HIV Counselling and Testing (CHCT)

-         Home-based Counselling and Testing

-         Counsellor Supervision

-         Trainer of Trainees (TOT)

-         Voluntary Counselling and Testing


Dorcas Atieno Ondiege

Professional Training

-         Diploma in Counselling Psychology

-         Certificate in Voluntary Counselling and Testing

-         Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management Course

Other Training

-         Home-based Counselling and Testing (HBTC)

-         Couples HIV Counselling and Testing (CHCT)


Maureen Anyango Ochieng’

Professional Training

-         Certificate in Secretarial Work

-         Certificate in Psychological Counselling

-         Certificate in VCT Counselling

-         Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management

Other Training

-         Couples HIV Counselling and Testing (CHCT)

-         Home-based Testing and Counselling (HBTC)

-         Men Who Have Sex with Men course (MSM)

Our Location

Kisumu East District, Kadibo Division, Kochieng East location, Kochieng sub-location

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PO Box 1606 – 40100 Kisumu, Kenya

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